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Burn It Up Cover
Burn It Up Cover



Reckless 4
Presenting "Hell Bent EP" and "Union Of The Wild"

Track Listing of "Hell Bent"

1. Hell Bent
2. I’m Not Done
3. Never Let This Fire Die
4. Highway Girl
5. Aces In My Eyes
6. Night Train
LABEL: Independent
• All songs performed by: Reckless 4
• All songs written by: Reckless 4
• Produced by: Glen Robinson
• Mixed by: Glen Robinson
• Mastered by: Glen Robinson
• Album Artwork by: Jesse Mills

Track Listing of "Union Of The Wild"

1. Welcome To The Ring
2. Feels Alright
3. Hey Billy
4. Nasty Reputation
5. Rock & Roll Is The Only Thing
6. Burn It Up
7. Rough Life
8. Live and Let Live
9. After This
10. Reckless


The Band: Jordan Lowery, Chris Melanson, Maxwell Jacobs, Jay Mills

Reckless 4 is driven by a "Hell Bent" determination to change the modern Rock scene. Based out of Kingston Ontario Canada, Reckless 4 is a high energy, crowd engaging act that identifies the saying "Loud and Proud". Heavy riffs fused with gritty vocals, classic rock influence twisted with modern rock sound, Reckless 4 is known for a "hell raising good time".

In 2010 Front man Jordan Lowery and Drummer Jay Mills worked together in a group called "Hard Deliverance Supply" that was the stepping stones of what would become "Reckless 4", but over the years of several line up changes and a break up of the group in 2016, Lowery and Mills recruited Curtis Nolan ( Guitar ) and Hailey Mills ( Bass ) to form "Reckless 4" in January of 2017. After another, yet final, Lineup change, The final 4 members of Reckless 4 are Jordan Lowery on Guitar/Vocals, Jay Mills on Lead Guitar, Maxwell Jacobs on Bass and Chris Melanson on Drums. The refined four piece showcases a massive energy on stage that pounds into your chest like a freight train but also including true showmanship such as cards flying through the air, unforgettable crowd chants, massive guitar soloing and gut busting drum solos.

This is a quote from RARAs farm music blog:

"Thank God for the Canadian rock scene.  Our friends North of the border seem to still appreciate good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll, as we hear in today’s Song of the Day. “Hell Bent,” a bluesy rocker from Ontario’s Reckless 4, has many of the traits that made American rock ‘n roll great a few decades ago.

Much like their Canadian brethren Monster Truck, they fuse elements of Southern rock, guitar rock and gritty vocals to deliver a damn good rock song.  The pieces come together perfectly in an invigorating garage rocker best enjoyed with the volume cranked loud."
The first single off their Hell Bent EP is the title track "Hell Bent". This is a blues inspired hard rock song, with a taste of a southern rock sound that resonates over it all. Loosely drawing from the tale of Robert Johnson’s infamous deal with the devil at the crossroads.
 Hell Bent EP is a hard rock, blues style piece that has hard catchy riffs and good hooks. The meaning behind the album is having a never ending determination and faith in what being in a band is all about. Standing on stage, living proof that no matter where you come from you can live out your dreams.
The band has been working with Producer Glen Robinson (produced with The Ramones, Beach Boys, AC/DC, The Tea Party and more), to record the true power of their works. The first album, Hell Bent, has been released over multiple platforms and the second album, Welcome To The Ring, is currently underway with one single out so far, Burn It Up, and 2 more songs recorded and ready to hit the market.

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